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Allergy, Intolerance & Sensitivity Testing

UK Allergy practitioners are trained to treat the underlying causes of allergies, intolerances and sensitivity as opposed to just treating the symptoms. We offer a totally diagnostic therapy that compliments traditional medicine. The testing method used is one of several capable of use within the field of Bio-Electronic Regulatory medicine (BER). The machine used is the Mora Nova system, manufactured by Med-Tronic. It is a registered medical testing equipment under German and European law. This method is based on the theory of utilising acupuncture points on the fingers or toes to measure the body's resistance to substances. The equipment is capable of testing over 1000 allergens, which are built in to the system, as well as many treatment programmes which have been devised and used to treat specific ailments.

Two test options are available:

1. Bio-Medical Screening:

- Our system is capable of testing over 1000 allergen -

     What makes us different from the rest ?

We cover a multitude of items that other methods don't.

Our system is the latest and most modern development

of the bio-resonance systems, and this gives us a major

advantage over other similar type testing apparatus.

Furthermore, due to variety of allergens we can test

against an individual, the test, itself, can be tailored to

suit the working and/or living environment of any person. 

To view the complete list of allergens capable of being tested
view this link.  Link currently being compiled - coming soon.

The test results report can be obtained  immediately on completion of the test.

The duration for the test will differ from client to client, but you should allow 30 - 40 minutes.


Who can, and who cannot, be tested:

Anyone from 9 months upwards can be tested, but it is not suitable for a person who has:

  • a pace-maker fitted or metallic joint insertion;
  • a cochlear implant fitted, (i.e. a permanent hearing aid), or
  • a woman in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

The Blood Test is particularly suited for such individuals.

2. Blood Test:

Anyone can avail of a blood test, but this test is a little more expensive than the Bio-medical Screening test.

The duration of the test varies from client to client, but you should allow generally 20 - 30 minutes duration.

The blood sample is sent off to the laboratory for analysis, and a report is provided for the patient on completion of the

analysis. The blood results generally take 5 - 7 days approximately, depending on how busy the laboratory is at the time.

Minimum foods / ingredients tested:

100 foods / ingredients is the minimum number tested - Price = £199(NI) and €249(ROI)

The next Blood Test is 150 food ingredients, followed by 150 plus. - Price available on request

Blood test costs may be subject to change at short notice - so up-to-date costs can be confirmed with interested parties closer
to the test time.

More about .......

1. Bio-Medical Screening:

Brief information on what you get.

The Basic Food Test - is what it says:

It only covers 450 items which include the foodstuffs - fruits, vegetables, cereals, diary products, - additives, sweetners, preservatives, taste enhancers, flavouring, and colourants.

A Full Analysis Test - is a more detailed check-up. (Everyone who has this test done is automatically entered into our competition)

It includes testing over 450 - 600 allergens - (all of what is covered in a Basic test), Plus items like pollens, textiles, heavy metals, dust, environmental chemicals, solvents, pesticides, cosmetic ingredients, parabens, all of the E-Numbers in preservatives, emulsifiers, antioxidants, and a lot more. Plus, it also involves a Vitamins and Minerals deficiency check-up and a Candidiasis Test.

In addition to the patient receiving a report, if applicable, may also be offered a booklet on Candidiasis to help them understand what contributes to the condition; which foods are allowed and those which they must avoid. The client’s results is recorded and guidance may be given on the elimination / minimisation of offending substances. Information may also be given on the safe re-introduction of foods back into their diets. 

Should an individual use or wear a substance or product, like E-Cigarettes, a perfume, a cream or jewellery which is thought to be problematic, this may be checked on the day, but this is at the therapist discretion, and is subject to time availability within the allocated time period.
A nominal fee of £20 is normally payable for the latter check / test and on the day of the test. (At present this is being included free, as an offer, with the Full Analysis Test)


How does the Bio- Medical test process work:

  • An electrode is held by the client in one hand, whilst the therapist places a probe on an acupuncture points on the fingers or toes on the
    opposite side of the body – this puts the client within a circuit of the machine.
  • The oscillations received from within the circuit register on the machine, and from the feedback the therapist can determine whether or not
    the substance being tested is comparable with the person being tested.
  • The resistance of a person to the substance is recorded and detailed in a report.
  • The method is non-invasive, and both painless and quick.

The Bio - Medical Screening tests are categorised as follows:

  • For children 9 months - 4 years. Test cost = £75(NI) and €100(ROI)
  • 4 years - 16 years Test cost = £80(NI) and €130(ROI)
  • *From 16 Years upwards. Test cost = £80 Basic Test, &  £90 Full Analysis Test (NI) and  €130 (Basic Test) &  €140 (Full Analysis Test)

*For the category (16 years upwards) there is the option of a Basic Test and a more detailed Full Analysis Test.


A re-test is recommended after a period of 13 - 26 weeks in order to monitor the client’s progress. 

A re-test for a child 9 months - 4 years = £65  /  €90  and for everyone else = £75 /  €110




Optional Test Kits:

Test Kits are also available for other effects like Electro-magnetism (eg Mast, Mobile phone usage, etc ).

The cost of a specific optional test available, can be discussed with the therapist on or prior to the day of the test.

The client’s results are recorded and guidance may be given on how to eliminate the offending substances. The patient get a summary report, and if applicable, will be offered a booklet on Candidiasis indicating what contributes to this condition; which foods are allowed and those which they must avoid, and what may be taken instead. Information may also be given on the safe re-introduction of foods back into their diets.

As mentioned above,  a re-test is recommended after a period of 13 -26 weeks in order to monitor the client’s progress.

  * For recipes, guidance notes and /or other information provided Dr Acumed reserves the right to charge a nominal fee to cover costs of ink and stationary.


Current Competition:

Opportunity to win a lifestyle changing event / offer

Our Competition runs until End of February next year and is open only to those who have the Full analysis test.

It includes:

  • Tea /Coffee on arrival
  • Cooking a 3 dish / course meal with a top chef in Mourne Seafood Cookery School
  • Enjoying the 3 cooked dishes with a glass of wine or juice
  • Complimentary voucher for a return Journey on a Scenic Carlingford Ferry for one car and passengers.

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